EDUCATION: Psycho-emotional, Spiritual / Energetic

Certificate in Coordinate Remote Viewing 2005. Remote Viewing Technologies International, Dr. David Morehouse
Board Certified Medical Hypnotherapist 2003  National League of Medical Hypnotherapists, CA
MS in Specialized Kinesiology 1999  Instituto Intl. de Sciencias Progresivas Mexico
Certified Medical Qigong Instructor 1999   Instituto Internacional de Medicina Oriental, Mexico
Diploma in Meridian Therapies 1999 Instituto Internacional de Medicina Oriental, Mexico
Board Certified Hypnotherapist 1998 American Board of Hypnotherapy
Certificate in Psycho-Spiritual Iridology 1997 Earth Academy of Natural Health Sciences (ANPA)
Diploma Clinical Aromatherapy 1996 Earth Academy of Natural Health Sciences (ANPA)
Certificate in Bach Flower Therapy 1996 Earth Academy of Natural Health Sciences (ANPA)
Certificate Flower Essence Practitioner 1997 Earth Academy of Natural Health Sciences (ANPA)
Certificate in Cymatherapy (therapeutic application of sound) 1997 Earth Academy of Natural Health Sciences
Netherton Technique Practitioner 1996, Apprenticeship Louis A Gross, Master Practitioner (trauma resolution, past life therapy)
Reiki Master 1996 CTI Institute, Orlando
Diploma in Brain Balance Kinesiology 1995  (Neuro-plasticity applications) The Brain Wave Organization, CA
Certificate in Neuro-linguistic Programming 1995. NLP International, Orlando, FL
Voice Dialogue Facilitator 1995 CTI Institute, Orlando, FL
Ordained Interfaith Minister 1995 Universal Life Church
Certified One Brain Kinesiologist (AKA Three In One Concepts Facilitator) 1994 21st Century Learning Unlimited. FL (Neuro-plasticity applications, trauma resolution, energy psychology) (includes Touch for Health Kinesiology)
Homecoming: Healing the Inner Child: (John Bradshaw) 1991
Primal Scream Therapy 1990
Gemstone Therapies 1987 IISP Adjunct elective. 1987
Shamanic techniques 1987 - onwards.  Mayan, Lakota, Chippewa, Celtic. (See Ceremonialist page for more info)
Neurochemistry and Essential Oils. 1987 IISP Mexico

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Original works practiced:  (see private sessions pages for descriptions)

Core Quantum Healing -Original psycho-emotional process work, evolving, since 1995
Integrative Kinesiology (Original work, taught since 2004 as a two year comprehensive practitioner training program in psycho-emotional and energetic healing.)
Integrated Trauma Resolution
Inception Point Balancing – Original Spiritual / Energetic healing techniques since 2016

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Juliet Mathison has extensive experience in public speaking and has specialized training in communication skills. She has been speaking, presenting and teaching on a broad range of health and consciousness related topics since 1994. Juliet taught conscious communication workshops at Life Spectrum Center (Atlanta, GA) from 2003-2007 and has lectured at Emory University’s School of Public Health in Atlanta, GA.

Non-Violent Communication  - 2004 Marshall Rosenberg
Active Listening, Reflective Listening & More – ANPA Orlando, FL 1996 -1997
Toastmasters International 2004-2006

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