Current area of teaching focus:

Autonomic Fascial Integration*
Inception Point Balancing*
Meridian Therapies


2003 Founder/Director of Life Spectrum Center for Health and Conscious Living,  Atlanta, GA.

Courses taught include but not limited to:

The Integrative Kinesiology Training Program™  (2 year program) *
Neural Redirection (bodywork)
Cyma-Meridian Therapy (sound healing [solfeggio tuning forks] /bodywork)
Enhanced PNF levels 1 -  4  (bodywork) {proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation}
Meridian Therapies, Meridian therapy specialties (bodywork)
Meridian Therapy with Essential Oils
Therapeutic Applications of Essential Oils
Raindrop Technique With Vitaflex Massage
Trauma Resolution through the Psoas Complex Response
Biofield Anatomy and Energy Hygiene
Conscious Communication for Harmonious Relationships
Workshops for yoga teachers:
Psycho-emotional components of the chakras
Teaching yoga for people with MS (multiple sclerosis)
Yogic diet: The three Gunas and the yogi’s path


2000 – 2003Aqua Yoga for MS* : created & taught pilot program for Atlanta YMCA
1994 – 1997Instructor for One Brain Kinesiology AKA Three in One Concepts (12 month program)
1990 – 1998Nutritional Science for Healthcare Professionals. Detox, Microbiome, Fermentation etc.
1987 – 2007Yoga Teacher.  Taught several classes per week for 20 years.
1994 – 1998Dance teacher – Ethno Tribal Dance Fusion
2000 – 2001Wrote and taught curricula for Yoga Teacher’s training at Atlanta area’s top rated Yoga Studio.


*Original Works:

Autonomic Fascial Integration (bodywork)*
Inception Point Balancing (spiritual energy healing) *
The Integrative Kinesiology Training Program™  (2 year program) * Psycho-emotional/ energetic healing.

There’s a lot more, but that’s enough.