Integrative Kinesiology

The Integrative Kinesiology Training Program (I.K.) is a comprehensive course of study in advanced healing arts and processes for awakening consciousness. I.K. is a visionary body of work that is vast in scope and application. The program is an experiential journey that provides the participant with lifelong tools for radical healing and personal transformation. It is unique, dynamic, compassionate and powerful.

You will learn:

  • Precision Muscle Testing
  • Fifth Dimensional Energetics
  • Accelerated Psycho-Emotional Healing
  • Quantum Hologram Re-Patterning
  • Awakening the Lightbody
  • Release of the Old Order Paradigms
  • Transmutation of Archetypes
  • New Paradigm Consciousness
  • Soul Trauma Resolution
  • 12 Strand DNA Activation
  • Axiatonal Gridwork

And much more…

Foundational Principles:

The human instrument, in all its magnificence, consists of physical and subtle energy bodies which function together as a multi-dimensional hologram. This hologram carries the distortions caused by eons of contracted energy imprints which have congealed into areas of density. It is this density that keeps us anchored in the third dimensional realm of limitation, pain, fear and separation. The I.K. Training is a journey in which we discover how to identify, access, release and re-pattern these imprints. Consider for a moment, that it is the nature of consciousness to expand. As the contracted density of an imprint is released, consciousness floods in and can be amplified and qualified into a specific expression of the desired state, the Divine state of true being. Authentic emotional and energetic healing is always followed by an expansion of consciousness. This new state of consciousness brings forth different perspectives of our own experience and an enhanced understanding of the human condition. It also equips us with the ability to delve even deeper into the next level of our own healing. That next level will in turn bring about an even greater expansion of consciousness, and so it goes on. This is a mechanism by which we may free ourselves from identification with third dimensional experience and expand deliberately into higher realms of being.

Program Structure:

The program consists of a weekend workshop (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday), every six weeks (or so) for approximately eighteen months, with practicum assignments in between workshops. There are twelve workshops in the series. Upon completion of the course, participants will be qualified to practice Integrative Kinesiology to assist self and others.

Entry Requirements

It is important to understand that although one learns a great number of advanced techniques in the course, the work is process driven in nature. As such it is only suitable for those who are  completely dedicated to their own personal journey of healing and awakening. It is not for someone just beginning on such a path. You can expect that your ‘stuff’ will come up, and it will, because this is why we are here doing the work. It is a journey into mastery.

The course is suitable for experienced practitioners of energetic healing arts and non-practitioner individuals who are well established on a path of personal development, emotional maturity and the evolution of consciousness. A foundational knowledge of subtle energy bodies and experience in inner child work are required.

The course is not suitable for those who are new (or recently arrived) to the fields of holistic healing, subtle energetics, energy psychology and metaphysics.

The learning environment is one of absolute sacredness and privacy. The teaching is grounded in the practice of Presence and a clear understanding of the law of entrainment.

Tuition fees and schedule information TBA.