Tensegrity Matrix Bodywork

The Leading Edge of Rehabilitation

  • Greatly speeds recovery
  • Relieves pain fast
  • Improves function
  • Dismantles pain patterns
  • Corrects postural distortions
  • Releases traumatic imprints
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Body Pains

The concept of the tensegrity matrix is the missing link in rehabilitation, pain relief and recovery from any type of physical trauma or chronic pain.

Tensegrity Matrix Bodywork is a new paradigm, whole systems science that allows the amazingly complex and sophisticated human body to identify and unravel trauma according to its own inherent mechanisms of prioritization.

When the body’s innate intelligence directs the therapeutic process, trauma resolution becomes natural and easy, bringing forth exceptional outcomes.

Many people experience accelerated recovery from a wide variety of conditions, such as:  headaches, back and neck pain, post-surgical pain, auto accident, degenerative disk disease, scar pain, TMJ, mystery pain of unknown cause, stress triggered pain patterns, PTSD and stroke. Relief is also possible for conditions that conventional medicine considers difficult or untreatable (without heavy pain killers), such as trigeminal neuralgia, shingles afterpain syndrome, amputee phantom pain, reflex sympathetic dystrophy / complex regional pain syndrome.

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Rates: $100/hour, by the hour.
(2 hours = $200, 1+1/2 hours = $150 etc.)
Cash, check or credit card, (4% fee for CC).

Satisfaction guaranteed.
Feel better or pay nothing.
Expect results. 770-465-6294

Cancellation policy: Please give a minimum of 24 hours’ (by phone, NOT by email), if you need to change your appointment. No show/late cancellation fee is $50. Pre-payment will be required thereafter.

There is a high demand for this work. Someone from the waiting list would like your appointment if you can’t come. Thank you for respecting this policy.

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