Scar Therapy

Cutaneous Nerve System and Scar Release

Did you know that a scar on one part of the body can cause pain somewhere else, or organ dysfunction and possibly a subsequent illness? A scar is often the hidden culprit in mystery illnesses or unresolved pain patterns that have not responded to conventional treatments. This subject is not yet widely understood. Consequently the impact of scars on our health goes largely unrecognized. Many people experience significant pain in the scar itself.

Some types of scarring occur beneath the surface of unbroken skin and are thus even more likely to be overlooked.

Trauma and surgery cut through muscles, nerves, lymphatic vessels, connective tissue and acupuncture meridians. Both organ function and the structural integrity of the musculoskeletal system can be significantly compromised.

For example, there is a high incidence of digestive disturbances in women who have had breast surgery. In the Chinese Medical Model, the Stomach Meridian passes directly through the breast. Organ function is directly affected by the disruption caused by a scar that cuts through any part of that organ’s corresponding meridian.

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Serious Scar on the Hand

What is Scar Therapy?  Bio-compatible therapeutic micro-current is used to correct de-polarized scar tissue, release constricted connective tissue, relieve pain and restore meridian flow to the affected organ(s). Hard, raised scars will soften and melt. Physical appearance and discoloration of scars can also be reduced and scar sensitivity minimized.

Is Scar Therapy suitable for everyone?

Almost. Scar Therapy is not suitable for pregnant women. If you wear a pacemaker or have a history of epilepsy or grand mal seizures, you will need a letter of permission from your doctor. Everyone else will be fine.

How long does it take?

Session times vary depending on the extent of your scars. About an hour and a half is average. Session time includes treatment and intake/assessment. In many cases, one treatment is sufficient. Sometimes two treatments are necessary. Simple scars will take less time. Complex or multiple scars take longer. If your scars have been causing postural distortions, your therapist may recommend that you follow up with some structural alignment therapy, (provided by the same practitioner).

What does it cost?

$100 per hour.  75 mins/$125,   90 mins/$150,  120 mins/$200

Cash, check or credit. (3% charge for credit card)

Scar Therapy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Your treatment cost will be cheerfully refunded if you are not satisfied with the results.

There is a high demand for this work. Please respect our 24 hours’ notice cancellation policy. (By phone call please, not email.) No show / late cancellation fee: $50.

Thank you for not wearing fragrance of any kind to your appointment. This includes perfume, cologne, hairspray, scented lotion, etc. The facility serves those who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity. These people are negatively impacted by most fragrances. Thank you for your consideration.

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Scar Therapy is performed by a Licensed Healthcare Professional. FL Lic. MA0025111, Nat. Cert. 056216, ABH 9527, MH 10428, ANPA 1010 HOTA 710032488, IASK 1438

Juliet Mathison, Specialized Kinesiologist, trained in Micro-current Scar Release Therapy directly under Dr. Bruce Hocking, developer of the technique. Juliet has over 25 years’ experience providing pain relief and rehabilitation from injury, surgery or trauma of any kind.

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