Study Path Options for Professionals

Integrative Kinesiology

Comprehensive course of study in psycho-emotional and energetic healing and processes for awakening consciousness.

Akashic Records Reading

Continuing Education

Meridian Therapy Basics (16)
Meridian Therapy Level Two (16)
Meridian Therapy with Essential Oils (16)
Meridian w/ Vibrational Remedies (16)

Crystal Acupoint Therapy Level One (16)
Crystal Acupoint Therapy Level Two (16)
Crystal Acupoint Therapy Level Three (16)

Contact Release Technique/
Neural Redirection (16)
CRT with Muscle Reset (8)

Somatic Trauma Release Basics (8)

Enhanced PNF Intro(16)
Enhanced PNF Level Two(16)
Enhanced PNF Level Three (16)

Chromotherapy Basics (8)

Inception Point Balancing

Education for Energy healers.
Techniques for healing original cause.

Inception Point Balancing